Sunday, October 7, 2012

Brianna is Back in School Which Means...

     She is in the sixth grade now; Mr. Williamsen is her teacher and she enjoys his class.  Brianna has a lot of her friends in her class, which makes learning more fun. 
     Brianna is well known for her amazing artistic talent, and she has been working hard on several projects for the PTA Reflections contest this fall.  I predict that she will win first place on at least one of her projects again, and hope she makes it past district level this time.  So far she has painted an acrylic on canvas and carved something out of wax.  She plans to write a story, have a puppet show recorded, and make a short film.  That is five projects so far.  Brianna's creativity and talent amaze me.  I can not post photos of her projects until judging is over, she doesn't want any copycats.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cooper Getting Ready to Sleep

This is Cooper's favorite place to sleep.  This sunflower dish is supposed to be only big enough for a parakeet or a very small bird, Cooper is a little too big for this dish, but looks so-o cute on it.       : >

Bye School, Hello Summer

Brianna will miss Mrs. Allen's Fifth Grade Class.  Brianna looks forward to attending Sixth Grade this Fall.  For now she is enjoying her summer at home, playing with friends, sleeping in, spending time with her bird, and lots of fun summer activities.  Brianna has already been to the zoo twice, a play, and plans to go to Madagascar 3 this weekend. 

Monday, July 18, 2011


This is Cooper; he is a Cockatiel and Brianna's first pet. Brianna got Cooper as a gift for her Birthday in January. She has had him now for six months. Cooper is a lot of fun, he says "Pretty Bird", dances, whistles and bobs his head. Sometimes he can get pretty noisy, but he is pretty disciplined and quiets down most of the time. Brianna loves Cooper as if he was her baby, and Cooper loves Brianna. Cooper knows that Brianna is his master, she takes good care of him, and he will come to her, sit on her finger or shoulder and listens to her.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fully Decorated Student

As I used to hear in the military, they would call a soldier with a lot of medals, fully decorated soldiers. Well, today Brianna earned five Awards of Excellence in the school PTA Reflections. She worked very hard for months on her projects and deserved them all. She is very motivated when it comes to competitions like Reflections, because she is very creative. Many things about Reflections motivate her. She hopes to win a trip to St. George or Florida. Most of all she hope it will win her a visit with the President of the United States.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Belated Birthday Update

Brianna celebrated her 9th birthday on January 22nd. She enjoyed playing at Discovery Gateway Children's museum & loved her birthday Cheesecake after. The day before, she enjoyed going to Good Things Utah with her Mom, sister Lauren & her friend Olivia. Brianna is a very talented artist and everyone enjoys her creations. Watch this blog and we will post some of those artistic creations in the future.